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is an organization of women entrepreneurs, business owners and service providers in southcentral Wisconsin. WWE-SC offers an inspiring mix of networking, support and business education at multiple meetings in Madison each month. Our members come from a variety of industries and backgrounds to share experiences and resources in a collaborative environment.

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President's Message - November 2014

Have you had an “Aha!” moment this year? 

That question was put to those of us who attend a WWE Brown Bag Lunch last month hosted by Katherine Bidwell at her Stark Realty office just off Old Sauk Road. We numbered about 15, and once we were all gathered, Katherine suggested we begin with short introductions, and include an “Aha!” moment that we’ve had sometime this year. 

I don’t usually think in those terms, so when women began to share their moments, it was quite revealing, and moving as well.

One person said her Aha! moment came recently when she realized she’d come through the eye of a storm. She said it’s been a difficult year, having to take responsibility for an ailing family member. After many stressful months, she sees that she is out of the storm and it’s a relief. And she understands that you have to ride out the storm to get to the other side. 

Another member said she was upset when she found out her office partner was moving, meaning that she would have to find new office space as well. But when the plans reversed and she didn’t have to move after all, she realized that a move was exactly what her heart desired. Soon she will hang her business shingle on her own space for the first time, and she’s very happy about it.

After partnering with her sister to start a successful bakery/café on Madison’s East Side, another lunch guest said she discovered that banking was her true love, not baking. That “n” made a big difference! So this year she returned to a previous career in banking and is glad she did. (Her sister and parents still run the bakery.)

Sometimes, something is so obvious you just can’t see it. That’s what happened when one WWE member realized this year that she hasn’t been marketing herself properly. She’s more than an interior designer; she’s a full-scale contractor. That is her talent and her passion, but she wasn’t relating this to potential clients. Problem remedied.

There’s something about sharing personal stories, however brief, that brings people closer. I had to leave the luncheon early, but I felt as though I’d been entrusted with something precious – a little window into each person’s spirit. WWE shines at creating opportunities for women to build bonds through sharing. Thanks to Katherine for asking such an evocative question, and for the opportunity to hear the answers.

Barbara Samuel, 2014-2015 President
WWE Southcentral



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